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Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Cafe in Milwaukee

Welcome to Temple Goddess, a haven for vegan and vegetarian enthusiasts nestled in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At our restaurant, we are dedicated to crafting culinary delights that are not only delicious but also mindful of your well-being. Our commitment to using organic, non-GMO ingredients ensures that ...

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Embracing Conscious Choices

While we do our best to offer organic and gluten-free options, we are not a 100% organic or gluten-free facility. We have labeled items that do not contain gluten for those who are sensitive, take necessary measures to limit cross-contact, and you can be assured that all items are organic or non-GMO verified. We strive to purchase locally and support local organic farmers.

Happy Customers

Tania Ammannat

The food was fantastic! Drinks too...Bobas made from scratch with chia seeds are so good!


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